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Dear participants,

As Secretary General of the second edition of the TolMUN Conference, it is a great honour for me to welcome you !

Once more PREDI-EURONU association is proud to organise its own Model United Nations (MUN) in Toulouse, in the south of France. Our wish is to offer all participants a unique experience, with a conference which is both professional and convivial at the same time.

The goal of MUN simulations is first and foremost to allow young people like us to discover diplomatic life, to discuss the great challenges of our world and to promote human rights, but not only! MUN is also about meeting people from all around the world that we would never have met otherwise. Or learning to speak in front of an audience in different languages.

This year’s conference addresses the difficult issue of the rights of minorities worldwide. Indeed, even though the United Nations has already made significant progress with the establishment of internationals courts to judge criminals, it struggles to defeat genocides and systematic stigmatization. Furthermore, many inequalities remain especially towards minorities, whether they are ethnic, social or cultural, while their identity claims increase. It is therefore our duty as young people to take an interest in these questions and to think about how we can solve them in a meaningful way. Because MUN is also about awareness.

The aim of TolMUN 2019 is primarily to examine the major issues facing the human kind in a more concerned and engaged way, through a conference made by young people, for young people. We look forward to welcoming you and making you discover new ideas, personalities and experiences. Together, through dialogue and diplomacy, we may appreciate the world of tomorrow better.

Best regards,


Secretary General

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