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Combining the French (MFNU) and international (THIMUN) models, TolMUN (Toulouse Model United Nations) is the first, international and multiligual, model UN debate conference in France, bringing together both secondary school and university level students, in the wake of its senior kin in Geneva (Switzerland), FerMUN, yet with the ambition of pushing limits even further :
- debates will be held in one or several of the three following languages : French, English and Spanish ;
- it is open to both higher education and secondary school students (and even, to some extent, to schoolchildren).

It will group students from the Toulouse area in France and foreign delegations from Europe, North America, possibly even Japan, and also from developing countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

TolMUN 2

Nuage de mots : Minorités

The rights of minorities worldwide
(ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious)

19 – 20 – 21 March 2019

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Organised by the non-profit organisation Projets Educatifs Internationaux (PREDI) – EURONU , TolMUN 2 pursues and extends the project initiated in March 2017 with the first, local, edition of this conference. It will gather for three days at the gates of the so-called “Rose-Coloured City” some 200 pupils and students from all over the world to debate on the issue of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious minorities' rights worldwide.

Over the three days of the conference, two plenaries and five specialised committees will be set up to work on this topic :
- General Assembly 3 : Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (SOCHUM),
- General Assembly 4 : Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECPOL),
- mixed Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC) and Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR),
- Human Rights Council (HRC),
- Security Council (SC),
plus a special Forum on Minority issues, following a pattern and rules which are slightly different.

Experts in the fields addressed will be invited to speak.

Together, the youngsters will question the enforcement of Human Rights with regard to minorities and will draw up and propose practical measures to guarantee their identity as well as their rights, ensure their protection, stimulate their economic development and social integration, or allow their cultural and religious development to thrive.

Such considerations will make students more self-conscious of the issues involved in the fight against discrimination, in shared management of resources and in socio-cultural integration inviting them to clarify concepts like the respect for the individual, the quality of life, or diversity.
Addressing the problems of ethnic and cultural minorities in the light of the struggle against all forms of discrimination will also enable young people to reflect the broader implications of notions such as equality, respect and solidarity, but also the changing society in which they live.

Occitania in the spotlight

Moreover, the conference and its theme will provide an opportunity to present our own regional and neighbouring minorities (occitanes, catalane, basque), (Occitan, Catalan, Basque), notably through student presentations, both historical (video) and artistic (invitation of young people performing music or songs), during the opening and closing ceremonies. Various Social Activities will also be organised outside conference hours for those wishing to know more about Toulouse and Occitania.

Bienvenue Occitanie

Youth in action

Finally, one of the main characteristics of Model United Nations is to put the youngsters as much as possible in situations where they are in charge and self-reliant.

Therefore, at TolMUN, the organisation and logistics of the conference will be largely entrusted to them :
- young people from all backgrounds will form a steering committee (or Board) ;
- others, including specialised high school students, middle school pupils and schoolchildren working on related school projects, will also play an active role. They will act as :
. lobbyists on behalf of international organisations (UNESCO notably), NGOs and minorities,
. journalists,
. photographers and vidéo-makers,
. web radio hosts,
. translators,
. workshop leaders and information stand promoters,
. designers of flyers, posters, etc. and of displays and exhibitions,
- others, vocational students especially, will provide for :
. stewardship ('admins'),
. reception,
. catering,
- others still, originating from bilingual franco-occitan schools (calandretas), will care for the :
. sightseeing tours of Toulouse and its region,
. Occitan style MUN party,
- finally, all will be called upon to participate in the :
. hosting programme of foreign students.

Conference organisation chart :

conference organisation chart

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